You need a Tech Angel Tech Audit!

My Tech Audit will help you to get clarity on what systems you already have (including those annual subscriptions you'd forgotten about!), what systems you should keep and what they can do for your business, what you can get rid of and what systems or combination of systems will suit you and your business best going forward.

Does tech make you feel like this? (image of woman with head in her hands) WOuld you rather feel like this? (image of woman looking calm and serene.

Following the Tech Audit, you will...

  • Know exactly how much you spend on your Tech
  • Know when all the renewal dates are for your Tech subscriptions
  • Understand why you have the systems you have
  • Understand what all of your systems can do
  • Feel reassured that you are not spending more than you need!
  • Understand how you can utilize the systems you have better
  • Potentially save money by cancelling subscriptions you no longer need
  • Potentially save time by choosing the right systems for you and your business

The Tech Audit is for you if any of these apply...

How does it work?

Before the call

Once you’ve booked your call, I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire to complete. Once I receive your responses I will start prepping for your audit.

During the call

We’ll review your current tech, look at what you need and make a plan for how you can make the most of your tech. The call will last 45-60 mins.

Following the call

Following the call, I’ll send you a report of  my recommendations plus a completed Tech Audit spreadsheet for you to keep.

Not sure?

If you’re not sure if a TECH AUDIT is right for you, why not book a FREE 15 minute “getting to know you” call first.

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